Business is a field that is always changing. If you not only want to survive, but you actually want to thrive, in the business world, then it’s critical to be able to adapt. This is especially true in the online world where many long established companies in other fields should start out with an insurmountable advantage and yet they find themselves being hammered by start up companies that are smaller, more adaptable, and know how to adjust with the ever-changing online world.

Gopher is one of the New Zealand companies that has absolutely thrived online through testing, experimenting with new ideas, and being willing to roll with the punches that comes with the world of SEO, online marketing, and general Internet business.

Part of succeeding in this world is the ability to innovate and adapt as needed. Gopher wasn’t satisfied with just putting up a listing, calling it a directory, and calling it a day. They added a social media aspect to their listings to encourage activity in addition to working to see how they could help with SEO, online marketing, and online promotion. Many small businesses know how important these things are, but they don’t know where to go to get help.

So why not become the all in one provider of all of these services? They are obviously doing things the right way as Gopher is only the third company in all of New Zealand to be promoted to an AdWords Premier Partner. They’ve earned the trust of Google and they’ve shown themselves to be effective in helping small businesses to make their goals through online advertising.

While the early numbers have been promising, according to the heads of Gopher, there is a huge open market just waiting to be served. General estimates have only 1 out of 3 businesses as having a website. That means 2 out of 3 businesses have no online presence at all. That’s a huge open market, and honestly many of the businesses that do have a basic website could do much better.

This is a huge open market, and Gopher plans to follow the same overarching theme that has gotten them to where they are now: by putting the customer first and foremost. When the needs of the small businesses come first, they are going to prosper and succeed, and that will keep them coming back for more.

Customers often have glowing praise of Gopher’s services, mentioning fast service and a true commitment to customer service. Not every problem can be solved right away, but it’s important to still make customers feel taken care of when tackling whatever issues are going on. High customer service marks keep Gopher on track with their future plans.

Being innovative and being able to evolve are traits that are critical to succeeding online. As long as Gopher continues to display these traits, then it’s a safe bet that’s a Kiwi company that will continue to thrive.

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